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D.M. Boyd Division: We have mix!

Main Office: 800-538-3782

Plant: 724-533-2127

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D.M. Boyd Products:

  • 20-80 Topdressing
  • Boyd Sand
  • 80-20 SP
  • 60-20-20 Reg
  • New Construction Mix
  • Green Drainage Mix
  • Dark Divot Mix
  • Green Divot Mix
  • Early Green
  • Fairway Topdressing Sand
  • Shot Gravel
  • Sports Field Mix
  • Ball Diamond Mix

Sales Reps:

Wendell Boyd:

Phone: 724-533-2127

Brian Bates:

Sales Northern Ohio, Northern Indiana & Pennsylvania

Cell: 216-316-1601

Bill Easterday:

Sales for Central & Southern Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky

Cell: 614.580.9260
Office: 800.538.3782


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D.M. Boyd Topdressings & Construction Mixes

January 2009: Arms Trucking has purchased the D.M. Boyd Company.

The D.M. Boyd Company has been in operation for over 60 years. Located in Volant, Pennsylvania just north of Pittsburgh.

  • Topdressing sand available for both dry and damp
  • Construction mixes for golf courses and athletic fields
  • Ability to blend, dry and screen any combination of sand, soil and peat
  • Customize to meet each customer's needs
  • Quality and consistency from the first load to the last
  • Variety of grades available in wet and dry material.
  • Expert consultations with Wendell Boyd

D.M. Boyd produces the highest quality topdressing sand available for both dry and damp, and construction mixes used for golf courses and athletic fields. What sets D.M. Boyd apart is the ability to blend, dry and screen virtually any combination of sand, soil and peat to meet each customers' needs.

Wendell Boyd has come out of retirement and will be overseeing all production aspects of the plant and will be available for consultation as well!

D.M. Boyd Product List

20-80 Topdressing: Kiln dried USGA Spec Topdressing sand. Available bagged and bulk.


Boyd Sand: Damp green topdressing sand.


80-20 SP: Sand custom blended with peat. Kiln dried and screened at 1/8". All Special mixes can be blended at any ratio of sand and peat. Available bagged or bulk.


60-20-20 Reg: Sand custom blended with peat and topsoil. Kiln dried and screened at 1/8". All Regular mixes can be blended at any ratio of sand, peat, and soil. Available bagged or bulk.


New Construction Mix: Sand custom blended with peat and soil at any ratio the customer needs. Ideal for building greens and tees. Can also be used to topdress tees.


Green Drainage Mix: This mix was specifically designed for internal drainage system. This mix has been used at Oakmount CC, Fox Chapel Golf Club and at golf courses nationwide for their greens drainage projects.


Dark Divot Mix: Wendell's famous dark divot mix is blended with sand, soil and peat. A nutrient pack is added to insure optimum nutrient levels to insure quick germination. Available bagged or bulk.


Green Divot Mix: Our divot mix dried green. Our green divot mix is kiln dried to insure dye is baked on and will not wash off or fade in the sun.


Early Green: Our 20-80 topdressing dyed black to speed up the green up on putting greens. Also works great to melt ice.


Fairway Topdressing Sand: Our Fairway sand is ideal for topdressing fairway turf. We have the capability to custom size our sand to match the customer's soil profile to achieve the maximum benefit.


Shot Gravel: Clean washed gravel sized for drainage in bunkers and other drainage applications.


Sports Field Mix: Our sand can be blended at any ratio of sand and peat. Soil and compost can also be added. This material can be used to build new sports fields or topdress existing fields.


Ball Diamond Mix: Clay and sand custom blended to the customer's specifications. Available red and tan.


Rooftop & Lightweight Soil Mix:


Rain Garden Mix:


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